Heather Mead is an artist who has worked in a wide variety of forms for many decades now. Her primary form is painting but over the last decade she has ventured into the form of sculpture/design. These recent works do not fit comfortably into any category regarding art movements or mediums.

Mead is an innovator of the highest order. In her works she consistently challenges the boundaries of what is acceptable as a piece of sculpture/design. She does this not so as to shock or challenge the viewer but simply because she must challenge herself. Mead defines what it means to be an artist /designer working in contemporary society.

The pieces that Mead produces are an amalgamation of sculpture, interior design/furnishings and painting. She completes all parts of these processes herself and there is a raw edge to these works at the level of finishing. Mead does not employ professional artisans to produce these works preferring to push herself to give her own half formed and always reaching signature to these pieces.

Mead is a true artist uncontained by an adherence to any sense of mastery. She is an artist who challenges herself and others to break down the boundaries between design, craft, painting and sculpture. She is an artist who questions the value of mastery at the level of technique in an era when most other artisans find this is all they have to offer.

Claine Keily- Author- December 2010